The Big Chouffe

We have mentioned it before, but sometimes it is mine and Eric’s duty to help out our friends. Especially when it comes to alcohol. It’s what friends do, right?

When Julianna texted us last week and said she had scored a big bottle of beer, we knew we were the perfect people to help her drink it. Luckily she agreed.

It wasn’t any beer, it was the Big Chouffe!

Not only was Juli going to let us drink her beer, she also provided us with snacks!

Juli is a master beer opener, so we let her do the hard work.

The Big Chouffe was really good, slightly strong, but delicious.

We were also happy to see Adam, Juli’s boyfriend, who just got back from being stuck in Europe due to the volcano.

Juli and Abby eating the food.

Abby’s dog Dolly was chilling too.

At the end of the night I tried to steal Chuck by putting him in the bike basket.

He didn’t want to come home with me.

Thanks Juli for having us over!


8 responses to “The Big Chouffe

  1. Speaking of having friends help out with a serious booze problem… I just got in a couple bottles of Chartreuse and aged Old Tom Gin that I could use some help with…

    You know anyone I could call?

  2. Hey Lauren! Did you sign up for the Oddyssey Half May 1- Let me know if you want a running buddy! I signed up today! šŸ™‚

  3. mmmmmm! Please tell me you were able to keep the label of that cute elf.

  4. Eric, this blog needs more bicycle content!

  5. Oh, this is Kimbro, btw…

  6. You are both SO cute it hurts!!

  7. All in good time Mike! Just wait till next week. Might be bike overload.

  8. Bike overload? Impossible!
    Congrats on your run!

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