Cocktails… and more cocktails

UPDATE: The vegan vermouth we had was Quady Vya Sweet Vermouth, thanks Kelly 🙂

Trying to be the nice people we are, we felt it was our duty to help our friends dial in their wedding cocktails. So we took our roll as cocktail guinea pigs/taste testers. I can’t say Lauren and I are good at making cocktails by any means, we are actually terrible. This could be because the majority of our “cocktails” are made after we had maybe a few too many or we just don’t know what were doing. I do think we make a pretty good margarita, but that’s because its only 3 ingredients. Just like cooking I think some people just have a knack for making cocktails. I’m sure being a bartender helps refine these skills but some people really love all aspects of cocktails and their history.

I didn’t make any drinks but Lauren made a “Northern Liberties” which was one of Josh’s’ creations, and delicious at that. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that amount of bitters in a drink before, but the drink was very fresh and cohesive.

Lauren was very excited about the first ever “Northern Liberties” cocktail!

In other news I also had my first Manhattan…is this a big day? It could very well be. This took a while because like most wine, many vermouth’s are NOT vegan. Luckily Josh being the guy he is found a bottle of Quady Vya Sweet Vermouth and after adding some rye, bitters, ice, and a long stir I was set. I also had never know that there were cherries out there that weren’t bright red.. who would have thunk? At the end of my well crafted Manhattan the Luxardo cherry was the perfect ending to a perfect drink. I’m hooked.

A few simple yet refreshing margaritas using tequila, cointreau, and fresh squeezed lime juice.

There were plenty of other drinks made before we had to call it a night. But I can’t drink too much and still wake up before 6am to ride 15 miles to work 🙂 I think Lauren opted out of the gym this morn since its been a busy week and hopefully going to be a busy weekend, nyc here we come!


7 responses to “Cocktails… and more cocktails

  1. Gosh, being their friend is so hard sometimes.

  2. photos lookin’ sharp. you two have a blast out there. the vermouth is called Quady Vya Sweet Vermouth

  3. You should try my cocktail creation. 9 parts Tito’s Vodka, 1 part Fresca…

  4. Mmmm…cocktails! I didn’t realize vermouth wasn’t typically vegan, but I guess I should have assumed so since many wines aren’t vegan. I have a cheap brand at home that I use for martinis. I should check into its vegan-ness. If you find out the brand you used, let us know.

  5. vodka + fresca + morgan = a hilarious evening.

  6. Thanks Kelly! I just updated with the info.

    And Mr. “Morgan” 9 parts Tito’s Vodka, 1 part Fresca, that sounds like a dangerous cocktail to me…

  7. I saw you won a cookbook on Vegan Crunk-CONGRATS!

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