Raw-ish wraps

It seems the longer/more intense the workout, the more I crave raw food. This seems especially true now that its getting closer to summer. Its probably because wraps are cool, crunchy, and so so easy to make. There’s no cooking, no mess (unless your me), and no waiting around…just eating! And that’s how it should be since there’s not much worse than being hungry and waiting on food to cook. I will say it does help to have vegetables already prepped. We always have washed lettuce, cabbage, julienned carrots/peppers laying around to make quick meals even faster. For items that get used less frequently only a portion is usually sliced to keep its integrity. Doing a little prep work can really make life easier for the next couple days.

The wrappers themselves can be pretty much anything. We use kale, cabbage, and rice paper as our staples. The filling is up to you though, I usually tend to go with an Asian twist when using cabbage and rice paper. Whatever you have in your fridge will work, which makes cleaning out your fridge easy. It’s also a good way to get in plenty of vegetables if your not in the mood for a salad. I have been really trying to eat more healthy food at work, aka not as many carbs even though they are very convent to bring.

This particular night cabbage was used as the wrapper and the filling consisted of: rice, raw cashew cream, carrots, zucchini, onion, red bell pepper, cucumber, cilantro, soy sauce, sriracha, nooch, and ground flax. I’m a big supporter of having something like a nut cream/avocado/mango/something to that nature in order to help the otherwise crunchy wrap have a smooth creamy richness side to them. Everything else has its place in the wrap as well.. the vegetables for substance/crunch, sriracha for heat, the soy sauce for the saltiness, cilantro for freshness, flax for the omegas, and nooch because I can’t stay away….!

raw wraps


5 responses to “Raw-ish wraps

  1. i don’t even particularly like cabbage, but this is still making me salivate. Will have to try it with the kale for sure.

    ps: found you and your lovely food photos/recipes via academic chic 🙂

  2. Haha. Kale works great, but I usually “shave” down the stem a bit for roll-ability purposes and help the structural integrity of the kale leaf itself so fillings don’t go all over the place.

  3. Oooh, delicious!! This looks so yummy! I love cabbage.

  4. Oh nooch = nutritional yeast

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