a sunday adventure

Like I mentioned yesterday, Eric and I went on adventure Sunday afternoon!
We had a lazy morning at home, and had plans to work out in the afternoon. But by the time that rolled around I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to go run.

After some brainstorming we decided to go hiking. I had read that Wissahickon Valley was a really nice spot, and not far from the city. We thought about driving, but then realized riding our bikes out there would be a lot more fun.
Eric and I rode along West River Drive for about half of the ride. They close down the street, which makes it really nice.

west river drive

The biking/running trails along the Schuylkill are really nice. With plenty of pretty things to look at.

art museum

fairmount park

We took it easy on the bike ride, I was on my single speed and Eric rode the cruiser.

We continued on the Wissahickon Trail.

on the way to wissahickon valley

It was about a 9 mile ride and once we arrived to the park we locked up our bikes and got to walking.

wissahickon valley

wissahickon valley

We made our way down to the creek and stopped for some food.
wissahickon valley

wissahickon valley

We hiked some more and then went back to our bikes.
And yes, I really am so pale that my skin blows out in photos.
wissahickon valley

The park was nice and hopefully in the next few weeks it will be green! We barely made a dent in the trails, but hopefully next time we can hike more. They also have some nice trails, and a few paved paths, and I want to come run out there.

On our way back to into the city I made Eric stop and let me take pictures of the pretty trees.

fairmount park

fairmount park

fairmount park

I like how I was too lazy to go run 3 miles, yet set off on this 3+ hour bike/hike trip. Also, I still can’t believe Eric rode the entire 18 miles on his cruiser, but he usually bikes 30+ a day, so I guess it’s believable.


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