austin days 3 and 4

playing catch up because we got really busy/lazy to update the blog!

friday morning eric and i woke up and went to wheatsville for some food, because we were going on a picnic.

eric picked up the vegan frito pie, which we had heard really awesome things about.

frito pie

we met up with lindsay and rachel. rachel works at a grocery store and always gets really awesome free samples.

hippie food

some drinking in the park might have happened.


after eating we had a little photoshoot.


after the picnic we headed downtown for some craziness. ended up at the jackalope as usual and helldorados were consumed.





after jackalope we wandered around downtown for a while, but eric and i made it home fairly early.

hanging out on 6th

woke up saturday morning and it was FREEZING.
eric’s parents drove down for the day, which was really nice of them.

eric and his parents

we had grand plans of returning to matt’s el rancho.

matt's el rancho

later in the day we went downtown with the intention of finally seeing some bands play. walked around for a bit and headed to the mess with texas party.
ran into some familiar lubbock faces.

mess with texas

i don’t know if it is awesome, or totally lame, but the only band we saw the complete set of was gwar.

mess with texas

after standing in the cold for a really long time we headed to the side bar.
we might have gotten a little crazy.

the side bar

the side bar

the side bar

the side bar

then we went back to my brother’s and slept for about 2 hours before catching our plane back to philly.

eric ate this thai falafel wrap on the plane. i don’t really know anything about it, so maybe one day he can tell you about this. i just slept the entire time.

thai falafel

thai falafel

to sum up sxsw:
texas weather is still has crazy as i remember it
if you are only going to see 1 band during a week long music festival, make it gwar
austin’s vegan food is still pretty good
if you go to side bar, remember the drinks there are strong, VERY strong
oh, and if you are going to wander off, tell your friends were you going


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