Beer Update!

I usually will see what pubs close to us that have a good beer menu have on tap and if they arent on Barnivore I will usually email them. I also started emailing breweries close to home just in case we see it in the store and/or want to take a brewery tour. Anyways a few new ones.

Brouwerij Liefmans – Vegan – website beeradvocate

DeRanke Brewery – Vegan – website beeradvocate

Brasserie Artisanale De Rullés – Vegan – website beeradvocate – I’m very excited to try these Belgiam ales!

Capitol City Brewing Co. – Vegan minus all cask condition ales ate the Shirlington location and the honey lager and milk stout at times as well. Honey in the lager and lactose in the milk stout are always labeled in the description of the beer. – website beeradvocate

General Lafayette Inn & Brewery – All beers vegan but they make mead that uses honey like one would expect – website – Small brewery outside of the Philadelphia that we might need to check out…

Kiuchi Brewery – Vegan – websitebeeradvocate – Real excited to try these as well, Lauren really likes the labels 🙂


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