photos from the weekend

although the weather was nice this weekend i didn’t really get out and enjoy it. eric and i were kind of on opposite schedules, and i enjoyed my time alone at home.

i’ve never really lived with anyone, so i am used to being alone and having my quiet time. moving in with eric completely changed that. we like a lot of the same things so we do a lot of things together.

so i took full advantage of hanging out, reading without disturbance, and watching trashy tv while he was out riding his bike.

eric has a juicer, and i would like to start using it more, but it’s so expensive to buy produce just to juice it. grapefruits were on sale last weekend so i picked up a few with the intention of juicing them. oddly enough, grapefruit is something i really miss about texas. it’s grown there and you can get it extremely cheap. here is so expensive!

the cats enjoyed all the sunshine this weekend as well. we have two windows in our kitchen, but they only like to lay in the sunlight of one window and take turns lounging.

we ended up going out to dinner at memphis taproom.

flight of beer
eric and i like to order a flight of beers and share them. it’s $10 for 3 and let’s us try some new beer.

memphis taproom
eric and i ordered the same thing for dinner, the veggie burger with smoked coconut. their veggie burger is amazing. it’s a quinoa/white bean mixture, and the smoked coconut just puts it over the top.

sunday eric went out riding again, which left me plenty of time to get busy in the kitchen.
i started out by preparing things to put in the dehydrator.

raw/vegan/gluten-free macaroons
i made some more macaroons. unfortunately we couldn’t eat too many because i made these for someone.

carrot falafel
i also made carrot falafel from . it doesn’t really taste like falafel, but it’s still good and i plan on doing a greek night this week.

corn fritters
i also made corn fritters! i used about 2 cups of corn, 1 cup of almond flour (ground almonds), some cilantro, salt pepper and cayenne. these turned out great, and a lot better/healthier than traditional corn fritters.

energy bars
in addition to all the raw food i made some cooked food as well.
we both really enjoyed the energy bars i made last week so i made them again.

homemade energy bars
the only difference? this time i added goji berries! i really liked the addition of the berries. i had bought some a while back and forgot about them. i was happy i remembered to add them to the energy bars.

and i made my favorite bread ever.
quick rise no  knead
no knead! i used the quick rise version, recipe here.
but instead of bread flour i do half whole wheat and half white whole wheat flour. i also add in about 1/4 cup of nuts/seeds. this load had sunflower, pepitas, sliced almonds and poppyseeds.

no knead bread
i could barely wait to have a slice lathered in pesto.

eric eventually came home bearing gifts!
vegan treats!

one of his bike friends had gone to vegan treats and picked us up doughnuts. so awesome!

vegan treats donuts
these were demolished.

no kitta pictures this week, but here’s another picture of grissom!
griss sleeping


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