another snow day & the abbaye!

thursday we had another snow day but eric and i were starting to get a little stir crazy staying in our apartment. we decided to go to out to lunch at the abbaye, which is about a block away from our apartment. for some reason we don’t go there often, although it’s really close, and we had never eaten there.

snow day lunch at the abbaye

i was really happy to see they had a salad for one of their specials and it sounded delicious. my salad had blood oranges, grapefruit, radicchio, and toasted hazelnuts.

snow day lunch at the abbaye

i also ordered an order of fries. i wish i had tried their sweet potato fries, but their regular fries did not disappoint.

snow day lunch at the abbaye

unfortunately eric wasn’t as happy with his food.

snow day lunch at the abbaye

he ordered the bbq sietan dish that included coleslaw, fries, and asparagus. the room temperature sietan was in tofu like blocks that were fairly soft, not what you would expect. they were topped with a good amount of mediocre bbq sauce. the coleslaw was a Carolina type of slaw with bland mix of cabbage and vinegar dressing. there was also some asparagus thrown on top almost like an after thought. the fries were good though, thin, hand-cut, and crisp. not worth the $12 by any means though.

on the menu they also have a few other salads, a sietan cheesestake that can be made vegan with the exclusion of cheese, and a lentil sandwich as a rotating special.

overall the abbeye has a good beer list, tasty salad and fries but the plates are nothing special. the service was not bad could have been better seeing that it was so slow. since we live a block away i’m sure we will be back for beers/fries some time in the future.


One response to “another snow day & the abbaye!

  1. Soo, if you guys come to Austin, there is a bbq joint that has this amazing appetizer that you can ask for that’s vegan. It’s seared chickpeas with spinach, achiotes, caramelized onions and roasted tomatoes. I got it the other day b/c it was happy hour and I’ve been craving it ever since. They servei t with flat bread. FREAKING DELICIOUS and they have some very good waffle fries. I found the chickpea recipe so now I’m going to make it ona weekly basis.

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