photos from the weekend

we survived snowmageddon!
friday evening we decided to brave the beginning of the blizzard to pick up a few essentials.
so little snow

we walked up the street to the foodery, which is an amazing beer store.

the foodery is awesome because you can build your own sixpack. it’s a great way to try new beers.
building up our six pack

i was really excited for more snow because i love snow, and i had bought new snow boots i wanted to test out. do you know how hard it is to find vegan snow boots?!
i love snow

it was started to really come down and get windy, so we headed home.
eric in the snow


but before we went inside i had to do some impromptu car modeling and snow eating.
i'm pretty much a sexy car model

here are our goods:
unibroue chambly noire
unibroue blanche de chambly
bell’s expedition stout
bell’s two hearted ale
the duck rabbit wee heavy scotch style ale
our six pack

we decided to try three friday night.
chambly noire

one time eric and i went to the saint arnold brewery in houston (which is awesome!) and we got these really cute small beer glasses. they are perfect for sharing beer.
two hearted ale

brooklyn brewery

snowy saturday mornings call for chocolate chip pancakes! i usually use the perfect pancakes recipe from vegan brunch, except add chocolate chips. this time i added white and dark chocolate chips.
chocolate chip pancakes

we also busted out the juicer and eric made carrot juice and i had grapefruit juice.
we started using the juicer again

carrot juice

it snowed pretty crazy till midafternoon.
snow storm

so we prepped a few things to do in the dehydrator. we made crackers using juice pulp.
raw crackers

and i made macaroons. these were really simple and easy to make. it’s just unsweetened coconut, almond flour (we just pulsed almonds in the food processor), agave, and a splash of vanilla.

we also saw this rare sight! kitta marie and grissom cuddling. it lasted about one minute before they attacked each other.
a rare sight

and then somehow, someway, eric convinced me to go on a bike ride.
getting the bikes out

riding along spring garden

we rode to the art museum with intentions of going sledding, except our friends with the sleds never showed up.
art museum

on our ride back we made a pitstop at the belgian cafe for some beer and fries.
beer & fries


beer stache

and we made it home and decided to run and ride our bikes through the snow in our alley.

later on we decided to try another new beer. the name sounds really crazy, and it smelled pretty crazy, but it actually tasted really good.
duck rabbit

and after that beer i fell asleep, at 8pm, on a saturday. i’m cool like that.

sunday morning i woke up and pulled the macaroons out of the dehydrator. i am happy to say they turned out delicious and taste exactly like real macaroons. i am already planning on making more this week.
macaroons, finished!

eric was in the kitchen most of the day on sunday.
he made homemade veggie burgers for lunch on sunday. he used black beans, almond flour, hemp milk, nutritional yeast, onions, peppers, jalapenos, roasted garlic, carrots, chickpeas, and some spices. he pretty much cleaned out our fridge making these.
veggie burger

and he made hummus. i love his hummus and think he makes the best. this one was roasted red pepper. eric roasted the red peppers, jalapenos, garlic and onions first, then in the food processor he added the cooked mixture to a can of chickpeas. then he added lemon juice, salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil.

and then he made his usual cookie, oatmeal chocolate chip! to make them healthier he used white whole wheat flour. obviously it’s not as healthy as whole wheat, but better than white!
oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

we ended up going to a friend’s for the super bowl and stuffing ourselves, but no photos.


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