So Lauren and I have been working on writing down recipes we make instead of just making hucking them as we go. It does take a bit more time, but we are going to make an effort to get some new meals together and start posting actual recipes… that’s the plan at least.

Last week I had made a big batch of my grandfathers marinara. I figured I had to put it to go use and made some lasagna. Unfortunately Lauren hates marinara/tomatoes/pasta/stuff like this, but oh well, I guess I will have to eat it all myself 🙂 Overall I think it turned out pretty well. I want to make it again soon to try to get a better recipe together and I will post it once that happens. Next time I would like to heat up the “cheese” mixture before hand to make it easier to distribute. The majority of the “cheese” sauce was a raw soaked cashews cheese, some left over Follow Your Heart vegan cheese, and nutritional yeast.

For the cashews I unusually soak the cashews for two or more hours in water until they soften up. Then I blend in a food processor with a bit of onion powder, garlic powder, salt, paprika, lemon juice, and water to get it to the consistency that I want it. It is super easy and gives a nice creamy texture to whatever you need. Next time when making lasagna I think I will add some parsley to the mix as well. I didn’t have a 9×13 pan so I had to trim the pasta a bit so I have some leftover pasta to try my new recipe on. Either way it was a tasty meal.

eric made vegan lasagna

We have been on a kick of basil fried rice as of lately. Mostly because it’s fairly fast to cook and also because we can’t get enough. We had a good amount of vegetables laying around so I got to work washing and prepping them after some Jillian Michaels action. I cooked up a can of chickpeas beforehand to get started… yes, they aren’t very Asian but it adds a good amount of protein and something different to our stir fry. Next on the agenda was the onions and red peppers, followed up by some garlic. After that we cooked up some kale quickly and added the brown rice. The rice was warmed up with a handful of basil, sriracha, tamari, some chili oil, and some snow peas.

more friend, i mean fried rice

To compliment the rice we had some cabbage wraps. Laurens was mostly raw veggies; carrot sticks, broccoli, ground flax seeds, sriracha, and basil. They were delicious like always and something fairly light after long workout. I seem to only crave non-heavy/mostly raw foods for the most part after a workout. We might have a lot more food photos this weekend if this “big” storm hits… I guess well see.

veggie wraps


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