photos from the weekend

i feel like my weekend posts are becoming redundant.
“it was really cold. so we didn’t do much. except hang out with the cats. and watch a bunch of dexter. and bake some food.”
but whatever, because i like doing that stuff (it just doesn’t make for very interesting photos or words).

ANYWAYS…it was cold this weekend, so we stayed inside a lot.

saturday morning i woke up early and hit the gym. AND I RAN SEVEN MILES. i’m only telling you that because this year i decided i am going to run some half marathons, but 13.1 miles scares me, so i am already starting to train for them even though they are months away. also, i could barely run 3 miles last year, so i am happy that 3 miles “aint no thang” now. so there might be some running posts coming up.

and then it started to snow. so i decided to get to dehydrating.

raw cookies
i made some cookies to put in.

sweet potatoes
some sweet potatoes.

making raw tortillas
and i made some raw corn tortillas.

raw tortilla
that looked like vomit.

eventually we got hungry (and the dehydrator takes a few hours) and decided to make fried rice for dinner, thai basil fried rice specifically.
we braved the snow (actually it was barely any snow) and walked to the chinese grocery mega store.
chinese super market

if you are ever in philadelphia you should go here. they have everything you could ever need. you just have to get over the fish smell.

chinese super market
eric told me to NOT put this photo up, so that is exactly what i decided to do.

thai basil friend rice
the fried rice turned out amazing.

we wanted to make a winter-y drink, but couldn’t think of one, so we made mojitos.

biking through the snow
eventually we decided to brave the snow and rode our bikes to a party.
and then we rode to a bar to meet up with eric’s cousin who was in town. sadly i don’t have any photos!

sunday was ANOTHER lazy day.

sunday morning burrito
we made burritos for breakfast!

and took our stuff out of the dehydrator. the tortillas turned out SPICY! i need to work on the recipe a bit, but it’s really just corn, red bell pepper and spices.

raw veggie chips
and our veggie chips turned out great too!

i’m going to end with these photos because it’s kind of a miracle. like seeing jesus in your toast. it’s kitta marie being cuddly.

kitta marie and eric

ANYONE who knows kitta knows she is not sweet. she is not nice. she is not cuddly. but for some reason (maybe the cold?) she has become sweet, nice, cuddly. and she almost acts like a human baby and curls up on you, and will wrap her paws around you, and lays her head on your shoulder and it’s creepy and i feel like she is plotting to kill us.

kitta marie and eric


One response to “photos from the weekend

  1. who wouldn’t want to curl up on that chest hairrrr. she probably thinks he is also a cat.

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