happy birthday to me!

my birthday was yesterday, but that didn’t stop us from actually celebrating over the entire weekend! i have SO many photos, so i am going to break it up in to different parts and make a few posts over the next few days.
saturday eric and i woke up and slowly got ready for our adventure of the day! i really wanted to go to vegan treats to get some things for my birthday, and it’s about an hour and a half away.
we stopped by the post office on our way out of philly and i picked up a package from my mom that contained birthday goodies.
happy birthday!

after a stop at goodwill in allentown we made it to VEGAN TREATS!
vegan treats

it’s slightly overwhelming. you mean i can eat ANY of these amazing looking desserts?! i ended up deciding on donuts, brownies and a sticky bun. but eric is a sneaky one and had actually pre-ordered me a german chocolate cake!! my favorite. it was really awesome of him!

vegan treats

we had to try the donut asap.
vegan treats

vegan treats

eric was sneaky once again and had already found a place for us to eat lunch.
thai thai

thai food! i hadn’t had any in so long.

we both ordered thai basil fried rice, super spicy!
thai basil fried rice

then we drove back to philly to get ready for the party!
i’ll end this post with some photos of the goodies we bought at vegan treats.

vegan treats

vegan treats

vegan treats


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