the year in photos

i can say, without hesitation, that 2009 brought more changes than i have ever experienced.
it was all mostly good, but not without some rocky parts in the path. i’m happy that eric and i have gone through all of this together, and he has been my support.
i don’t really make new years resolution, i tend to wait and make goals on my birthday (which is 2.5 weeks away, in case you wanted to send me super awesome presents, heheh).

i decided to post a bunch of photos that represent this year.

after the race
i got really into running, and ran my first race. no, i’m not fast.

birthday night
i had a wonderful birthday that my best friend come to dallas for.

i started working on crafts more often, and re-learned to knit.

of course there was lots of cat loving.

made the usual trek to austin for sxsw and had an amazing time.

i saw my favorite band, japanther, multiple times at sxsw, and came home with a bruised body to show for it.

crazy dog
there were lots of trips to lubbock to visit eric while he was still in school. and to see my family too.

bar belmont
just as i was about to leave dallas i started to really like it.

bar belmont
i was really sad to leave my job to move to philadelphia. i worked with some of the most amazing, talented, creative people i have ever met. i’m glad that we all became really close and are still all good friends.

the drive to lubbock
in june eric and i made the trip to lubbock to say goodbye to my family. one of the hardest things i have done.

dad and baxter

my cats moved back to my parent’s house for a few months while eric and i moved.

going away party
my awesome coworkers/friends had a going away party for us. see i did work with some amazing people!

and eric and i said goodbye to his parents and started our drive to philadelphia!

morgan - tyler, texas
we didn’t even make it out of texas before we stopped to have a beer with morgan.

aloft - birmingham
we traveled to a lot of new places we hadn’t been, and stayed in a few nice hotels.

soul vegetarian - atlanta
unexpectedly found out that atlanta is awesome, and ate some of the best vegan food ever.

and i found texas beer in north carolina!

current living situation
we didn’t have an apartment when we arrived in philly, and eric’s friend was nice enough to let us stay in his living room for a while.

eric's transformation
eric had to get ready for his first day of work.

eric's transformation

new apartment
after so many failed apartment searches i was pretty sure we were never going to find a place to live. but then we had success! and found the perfect place.

so excited
juli is the most awesome person and was nice to enough to always hang out with me during unemployment (and she still hangs out with me now!). we went to nyc for one day.

best friends!
and i got to visit my best friend in nyc!

marathon grill
my mom and brother came to visit!

lazy sunday
and my mom and brother brought my kitties to philly.

grilling corn potatoes, onions and peppers
we bought a grill and that’s how we cooked most of our food.

making falafel
i spent most of my unemployment time cooking and trying new things.

eric's birthday

homemade pita bread


kale chips

Atlantic City!
went to atlantic city and the jersey shore.

me and dad
my parents come to visit on the coldest day ever.


pumpkin farm

happy halloween!

homemade english muffins
and a lot more baking.

peanut butter cups

bran muffins

we went back to texas for thanksgiving.

the greenbergs

eric and dad


living room fireplace
and we decorated for christmas.

work christmas party

eric's car
we got a large snowfall all in one day.

shoveling snow
and i shoveled snow for the first time.

we ate at one restaurant in our neighborhood all the time.

parent's house
eric and i went our separate ways for christmas. i arrived in lubbock to more snow!

lindsay was really excited
bought beer for the first time in lubbock city limits which was really more exciting than it sounds.

had a great christmas with my family.

swilgamesh 4000
and was finally reunited with my best friends.

whoa, a lot of photos! i’m excited for 2010.


One response to “the year in photos

  1. Enjoyed your year in review. Wishing you both good health, happiness, prosperity and good times in 2010!

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