photos from the weekend

i apologize for not posting at all this past week. i am finally getting over the cold that struck during thanksgiving and spent most evenings coughing and going to sleep early. it doesn’t make for an exciting life.

i woke up saturday morning with a huge craving for crepes. i have no idea where it came from, but i set to work finding a good, easy recipe.


and i succeeded! i made the crepes from vegan yum yum. they were really easy and really tasty. i wish i had some good fillings but we were low on groceries. i ended up topping my crepes with powdered sugar and agave nectar.

the weather was crappy on saturday, but we had errands to run, and i was determined to get christmas decorations. number one on my to-do list was to make it to the post office.

christmas cards
i mailed out christmas cards…

thanks amanda!
and picked up a package from amanda, an old co-worker and a great friend! she has sent me this adorable card, and…

thanks amanda for the scarf!
crocheted me a scarf! it’s so pretty and i was excited to wear it. it got really cold this weekend, so it was perfect. i love having crafty friends.

eric and i figured out that if cool/neat stuff is near us, we are more likely to actually never do it. so we’ve been making it a point to eat/shop more in our neighborhood. a pizza place a few blocks up serves vegan pizza, so eric picked up a pie for saturday’s lunch.
vegan pizza from homeslice

then we got to work on christmas decorating. we went to target first and found a few trees we liked, but of course they were out of them! i then suggested we try lowe’s and look at their trees. well they had some, but they were expensive. we weren’t really sure what to do, we don’t have a lot of storage, so we couldn’t get a big tree, but we definitely wanted one. as we were walking around we had a brilliant idea.

picking out our "christmas tree"
we bought two tomato cages…

"christmas tree"
then we taped the top ends together to form a point…

making our "christmas tree"
and then we wrapped the hell out of it with garland and lights!
it’s not the best, but it works!

living room fireplace

one of our mantles

it also started to snow!

we turned on the fireplace and enjoyed our decorated apartment for most of the evening.
and at one point this happened…
a breakthrough
yep, that would be kitta marie cuddling with eric. she is starting to come around and really like eric. she usually sleeps on him most nights, but we think that’s only because grissom is all over me.

and here’s an iphone photo of grissom enjoying the fireplace. he really likes it.

sunday wasn’t too exciting.
i woke up early and made cornbread biscuits.

cornbread biscuits

then went running then to the grocery store. by the time we got home from the store i was starving and put together an easy lunch.


in my iron skillet i cook some potatoes, kale and greenbeans, then i had quinoa, stir it all up, and top with hot sauce. super filling and easy.

and now it’s monday. and it’s cold and i think it’s gonna stick around.


3 responses to “photos from the weekend

  1. Mmm. Crepes. TJ’s has a great blueberry syrup, which is even better mixed in with Tofutti cream cheese and spread inside crepes!

    Your fireplace looks lovely, all decorated!

  2. oh thanks for the filling suggestions! i really wish i had had some berries to put inside these.

  3. Yay! And it’s crocheted, not knitted. Big difference! (at least to me) 🙂

    Also, PLEASE post recipes when you make something that turns out really well. I am still waiting for your corn bread recipe and those english muffins looked yums too. You post pictures of too much yummy food not to share!

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