welcome to texas!

our flight to dallas was pretty uneventful and easy, which was nice. we arrived to dallas around 10 am, very tired.
landing at dfw

ok, i know people always complain about parts of texas being treeless and flat, but sometimes i like to be able to see all around me. it’s nice.


we’re staying with eric’s parents, and they were kind enough to have some topo chicos in their fridge, MY FAVORITE BEVERAGE OF ALL TIME.

topo chico

eric was pretty excited about all the almonds.


eric’s dad took us to the new grocery in town, sprouts.


it was really nice and pretty awesome. things are really inexpensive, and they have a great variety.
and they carried tempt, which might be my favorite ice cream.

tempt ice cream

today eric and i went by my old office to see my old coworkers/friends. it was great to stop by, and i really miss working there.

old job

then we drove to arlington to visit some of my family.

my cousin ashton, aunt allison, grandmother, me, grandfather.

me and my grandparents

me and my grandmother



my grandparents have three dogs, one of them being a pug, my favorite kind of dog!!

chewy girl number two

the most recent dog they took in is named LD, which creatively stands for lost dog.
new dog

my grandmother had the most amazing cookbook out, party potpourri, the 1971 junior league of memphis’ cookbook. not only does it contain recipes, it contains proper party and meal etiquette for just about every situation. she let me have the cookbook and i can’t wait to start reading and learning the proper guide to entertaining.

party potpourri

tomorrow morning we are heading to lubbock to spend thanksgiving with my family. i hope everyone has a happy holiday!


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