(mini) cornbread muffins

as much as i love this time of year, i hate that it gets dark early. i like photographing my food in natural light, and flash just won’t do it.
last night we were trying to figure out dinner and i had an intense craving for cornbread. i ended up using the cornbread biscuit recipe out of vegan brunch, but made mini muffins instead.

vegan cornbread (mini) muffins

these are awesome! i like that they are bite size, but it’s also a bad thing! i had snagged 3 before we even sat down for dinner.
they remind me of some mini cornbread muffins i used to eat when i was a kid. it was at a restaurant, but i can’t remember and it’s been driving me crazy. mom? dad? do either of you remember a restaurant that served mini cornbread muffins?

speaking of mom and dad, they are coming to visit tomorrow! i don’t really have set plans because i am waiting to see what the weather is going to do (looks like 40 and rainy, ugh). but i do need to figure out some things to bake before they get here.


2 responses to “(mini) cornbread muffins

  1. This photo is so adorable it has kind of crippled me with a giggle fit. Amazing!

  2. isnt it 50 yard line?!

    – maegan

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