Eric again,

So lately after my 30mi. daily bicycle commute, I like to enjoy a green monster. Lauren had found some recipes online so I took that idea and went with it. I usually use a handful or two of spinach, almond milk, and whatever fruit we have around. Since we froze a lot of watermelon that we could not finish, I usually use that.

I have been reading Brendan Brazier’s book, Thrive Fitness: Mental and Physical Strength for Life, which Lauren bought me. I haven’t made it too far since I am not much of a reader, but really enjoy it. He explains how the less energy the body uses to digest food, the more energy the body has at its disposal. He has many recipes for smoothies since they are easy to digest and pack a great deal of nutrition into one drink.


The other night we were looking to something a little bit different and had picked up some rainbow chard at the head house farmers market. We ended up making some white sweet potato and chard enchiladas. They turned out alright, but we have better plans for them next time. Lauren went with a simple sauce of Chalula, and I used a tomatillo salsa that I had made a while back.



4 responses to “greeeenmonster.

  1. Your photos are really beautiful!

  2. mmmmmm enchiladas. what’s chalula?? (granted i could google it; but asking someone who knows usually results in an accurate answer)

  3. yum cholula i love it

    Kuntrageous- it’s a type of hotsauce

  4. cholula is a chili-based hot sauce. it is so good, and slightly spicier than red hot but not as spicy as tabasco. i put it on almost everything.

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