vegan mofo!

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today is October 1st which marks the beginning of vegan mofo! the idea is to write as much about vegan food as possible during the month of October. eric has offered to help write some blog posts and he is going to start october, and vegan mofo, off!

Hi, my name is Eric. This is my post. Usually Lauren does the typing around here for various reasons but I will try my hand at this and try to post more frequently. I figured the first day of this vegan mofo would be a good day to start.


I made some sweet potato gnocchi. I topped it with my grandfathers marinara, nutritional yeast, and a bit of parsley. It was my first go at gnocchi but it turned out fairly well for the first time. It was a bit sticky because I had baked the potatoes a few days before. I will be making more this week.


I had made some covatelli a few days back as well and since Lauren had not put up a picture, I figured I would. I just used a simple semolina flour dough and topped them with earth balance and later some nutritional yeast. A simple meal that remided me of my younger days.




2 responses to “vegan mofo!

  1. Eric
    How did you get your grandfather’s sauce
    recipe? Was it from that famous cookbook
    that your Uncle Bob so graciously made for you?

  2. That is some nice looking pasta!

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