new york city for the weekend

late last week eric and i decided to head to nyc for the weekend. it’s a $20 roundtrip bus ride, takes about 2 hours, and i had friends we could stay with.
unfortunately it rained all of friday, and most of saturday.


and because of the rain, i really didn’t take many photos. friday we walked around and did some shopping then went to a nice dinner. after that we met up with rachele, my bff from junior high, and headed out to brooklyn to hang out with trevor, a friend from high school, and nick, another friend from high school. we ended up staying with nick the entire weekend which was awesome of him. THANK YOU nick for letting us stay at your apartment!

saturday morning we woke up and starting walking. sometimes i prefer to just walk instead of the hassle of public transportation. i like being able to really see neighborhoods and to be able to stop and take pictures.
along the way we saw tex-mexican food and chinese food, all in one.

tex-mexican food & chinese food

also saw this cat, who was enjoying life.

OMG look at the kitty!

we walked through prospect park and walked through park slope to breakfast. i really liked brooklyn and i want to spend more time there next time we go up.
after breakfast we decided to walk across the brooklyn bridge into manhattan.

walking across the brooklyn bridge

walking across the brooklyn bridge

walking across the brooklyn bridge

you can definitely see all the rain clouds in those photos.

after some more walking we went to this bar i had been to previously. the entire bar looks like your grandmother’s house. wood paneling, plastic covered couches, terrible paintings, etc.

welcome to the johnsons

sunday morning we headed back into manhattan to eat lunch before we left. we decided on curly’s vegetarian, and omg this place is so good!

curly's vegetarian

it was so cute and tiny, probably no more than 10 tables inside the restaurant.
after lunch we tried to do some shopping but eric and i didn’t find anything we liked. oh well.

all in all our trip was great. i am happy that i live close to some of my really good friends and can really see them anytime i want. eric and i were exhausted last night when we made it home.


3 responses to “new york city for the weekend

  1. Whereabouts in BK did you stay? I used to live on 17th St. between Prospect Park West and 8th Ave. So I spent many a weekend in Prospect Park! I love it.

    What we should do is you should come up to see me when I’m up there and we’ll go explore Astoria together. Fun!

  2. We stayed at Flatbush on Parkside, so just on the other side.
    I would love to come to Astoria! I really want to start spending more time outside of Manhattan, because Manhattan is really all I have ever seen.

  3. Anytime Lauren! It was great seeing you!

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