dessert of the week

we finally made it through the ice cream cake. and we are almost finished with the red velvet cupcakes. but i figured it was time for a new dessert.
i went back to an old favorite, carrot oatmeal cookies, from 101 Cookbooks .

carrot oatmeal cookies

these are great cookies to make for vegans because they are already egg-free. and there is no processed sugar. and they have carrots in them!

carrot oatmeal cookies

and they are easy to change/modify. the first time i made them i used almonds instead of walnuts and topped them with coconut. this time i added some sunflower seeds.


5 responses to “dessert of the week

  1. Gah, I’m still confused about the whole sugar thing in veganism. I think the brand I got is vegan but based on the info I read it said that organic sugar is vegan. Anyway, these look good.

  2. i usually just stick to the vegan whole foods sugar. but i think if you were to get organic, you would probably be ok.

  3. carrot oatmeal cookies? yum! and I would consider them healthy! and what? you made homemade tortillas! (where’s that recipe?) y’all are out of control with the cooking! that’s awesome! I’m still trying to find the time to make some of your recipes.

  4. ha i like to consider them healthy too! and eat them more as a snack.
    yep homemade tortillas!
    here’s the recipe i’ve been using:

  5. wow! it’s never going to stop raining here in texas so i’m absolutely positively going to make these tomorrow since i’ll be stuck inside yet again! thanks for the recipe and the link to the site!

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