cupcakes and falafel

i promise i’m not trying to turn this into a food blog. but when you are unemployed and at home most of the day, sometimes you just need to make something new to eat.
so i made cupcakes.
making cupcakes

actually, mini-cupcakes. these were alright, yep, just alright. something tasted off in the batter. oh well.
mini cupcakes

but i had HUGE success when i had my first go at making falafel the other night. i’ve gotten really into falafel lately, but i have yet to eat some that is amazing. so i took matters into my own hands, and made it myself.
baked falafel
i followed this recipe , but instead of frying, i baked the falafel at 400 degrees until it started to brown. put it in some pita with hummus, lettuce, quinoa and pickles, and you have yourself a mighty fine sammich. or pitawhich. whatever, it was good.

besides baking and cooking a lot, my day usually consists of a pretty good workout. i’ve been waking up early and running 3-4 miles, then coming back and doing Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred. I’m around day 15, and it’s still kicking my butt. but the cats love when i put out the yoga mat.
exercise kitty

oh, and then i look for a job.


One response to “cupcakes and falafel

  1. I say make it a food blog if you’ve got stuff to say about food. That’s my philosophy.

    Also, when I was unemployed, I did not exercise a lick. That is all.

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