yesterday juli & i decided to go to nyc for the day. $20 will get you a roundtrip bus ticket, how awesome is that?

as soon as we stepped of the bus, i spotted zarin fabrics. if you’ve ever watched real housewives of nyc then you should know who jill zarin is! this made me ridiculously excited.

we then headed to washington square park to wait on rachele and amanda to meet up with us.

juli and i were hot, thirsty and hungry, so we went to blind tiger for some food and beer.

and trevor met us! trevor and i went to high school together for a few years.

juli looking like a space cadet.

after blind tiger we went to another bar, white horse.

juli and amanda

me and rachele! rachele and i have been best friends for over 10 years, and have known each other for probably close to 18 years.

i had been wanting to try this place for a few weeks, and all vegan ice cream shop!

all the ice cream was delicious!

nick, another friend from high school, met up with us later. my junior year i hung out with these peeps all the time. it’s gonna be awesome being so close to them again.

amanda used to live in philly, but now lives in brooklyn. i think she should move back to philly.

our crew for the day.

as soon as we got back to philly, juli and i walked over to celebrate wiz’s birthday.

and then we left early because i was beat down from a busy day. i can’t wait to go back to new york.


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