we made it to atlanta! and are now in durham, nc. thankfully the drive to atlanta from birmingham was not bad at all. i’m not sure what i was expecting in atlanta, but it was a lot cooler than i could have ever imagined.

we stayed at the highland inn, which was a great location to be in. we were able to walk, or drive easily, to everything we wanted to see.

we went over to little five points and had a beer at porter’s. i loved the way their menu’s were put together, so simple, but so awesome.

later on we walked to manuel’s, which i had read about in readymade. actually, almost everything we did in atlanta i found out about through a readymade story a few months ago. this place was really cool, with all this memorbilia on the wall. the coolest thing was they had pitchers of pbr for $5.65. what the hell?! that’s so cheap!

they also carried texas pete, which i had never heard of. texas pete is actually made in bronx, new york. i don’t get it?

if you ever go to atlanta, go to this grocery. hands down the best store i have ever been in. we went their twice. the staff was really nice and friendly, and they had some awesome products. we bought some stuff and also bought a tote bag, so we never forget it…

i also recommend going to soul vegetarian. we went their twice. best food ever. here i am chowing down on some vegan cornbread.

and eric eating his kalebone roast sandwhich.

we left atlanta earlier today and drove through south carolina and north carolina.

stopped for gas in north carolinoa and i found shiner!!! i had to buy a few bottles.

once we made it to durham we went to duke to meet up with joel and rachel, eric’s brother and sister-in-law.

and joel showed us the lazzzzzzzers. sadly no cats were shooting lazzzzzzzzers out of their eyes.

and tomorrow we are off to philly! and hopefully we find an apartment within the next few days. so i will have an address and can resume my online shopping.


One response to “atlanta/durham

  1. You guys have LASERS?!?
    YAY Philly today!

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